Comet-Technics is specialized in tailor made machinery in all kinds of industrys. "if you can imaging it we can make it" is our slogan!


In your company you need very specific devices and machines. They must fit exactly into your production flow and allow you to work as efficiently as possible. These machines may not be available just like that, which is why we make them tailor-made for you. 

After a detailed explanation of the requirements, we will design a first principle for you. After sufficient adjustments and your approval, we will proceed to make a definitive design and production plans. 

During production you will of course be continuously informed.



We have more then 30years of engineering experience on-board at your service. We are confident that we can help you with any kind of mechanical issue or problem in your production.



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Welding robots


We offer standard as well as custom designs for our automated welding equipment which covers simple rotary and linear drives with DC motors to multi-axis servo systems with touch screen controls and integrated welding robots.


Most of these systems are supplied with integrated tooling all designed and built in our plant in Ooigem. Machines are typically tested with the customers present. We have over 30 years of arc welding experience in our application group to assist you in automating your products.


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Our automation engineers are responsable for awakening your machine. Through regular consultation and a no-nonsense approach to the project, each project is completed according to your wishes and within the agreed budget and dead-lines.


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Our customers are large multinationals as well as SMEs or even one-man businesses that suddenly fall short of a few hands.


As a specialized company, we can help you to carry out these welding projects at your agreed upon conditions. It is also possible to bring these projects to a success  in our own workshop.


Our welders / metalworkers are all people who have the necessary certificates and who are extensively tested in advance on the specific requirements requested by the customer.


That is why we can guarantee you quality 'from the first minute'!


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