Comet-Technics is developing a solution for the identification of people at different body temperatures.

Companies impose strict measures regarding the access to their buildings of personnel, visitors,… in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. People who wish to enter these buildings should be tested for possible contamination. Fear of contamination, employees prefer to stay at home than to be in the risk zone of their company. As a result, there is a real chance that production lines threaten to come to a standstill, resulting in major economic damage.

Comet-Technics has the technology to build a mobile access control that is easily installed in the entrance of, for example. companies or public buildings, can be placed. With this access control, the visitor is guided through a tunnel, similar to a metal detector at an airport, where heat cameras are installed. When these cameras register an abnormal temperature, the person in question will be refused access and a signal will be given. The operation of this mobile installation is completely standalone. Naturally, an existing access control can be extended with our system.

Main features:

• Accuracy: +/- 0.3 ° C
• Measurement time: 1 sec.
• Non-contact measurement
• Alarm function at different temperature.
• Measuring a group of people.


Since this system does not store any information and people are unrecognizable in the picture, this solution fully complies with current legislation.

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